Statements from Michael


Our children at the border

What the Trump Administration is doing to migrant children is abhorrent, shameful, and sinful, and it must end, immediately. The United States government has a sacred responsibility to treat all children humanely and compassionately. Providing unsanitary and overcrowded conditions for vulnerable children sends a dangerous message to the world that our values have fundamentally changed in the Trump era. We can’t let this unacceptable behavior continue. We can’t let President Trump’s neglect of children and families define who we are as a country. In addition to providing more funding to address the humanitarian situation at the border, we need strong oversight and accountability to ensure that the Trump Administration cares for these children in a responsible and loving manner and then transfers them out of detention to unite them with family as expeditiously as possible. When elected to Congress, I will do everything in my power to fight for the human rights of all children, whether they’re from Honduras, Guatemala, El Salvador or The Bronx.